Wednesday, June 23, 2010

First day with the babies





Snack Time!


Taylor and Josie


Taylor's Favorite--

Today we met the babies and they are all so sweet! Sophia is a doll so pretty and quiet, Virginia is a screamer it is her way or no way, Josie is the wild child but oh how she is sweet she loves to be held and plays with your hair. Clara is a little mommy, Joseph and Joshua are two sweet boys they were the first to come to me and Hannah this morning and they cried when we had to leave Josh is also the escape artist . Sadie is too sweet and is tiny she is the little princess the nannies love putting dresses on her. Noa is too sweet she sits backs and watches. James is Hannah's favorite he is such a laid back kid and goes anywhere and everywhere does not care. Tina is a tiny princess she is so little and light. Karl was the first Jeff held and he pulled his ear. We are in such love with these babies. Jack has been a Hugh help he met us yesterday and got us settled into our room. He speaks some Chinese which is a huge help he ordered our dinner tonight which was great. We also gave our donations today all the clothes medicine. They seemed to love what we brought and they really liked the tooth brushes on the 5th floor they opened them right away and brushed the children's teeth. But back to last night our cab driver came with a tiny BMW like car and we had 6 suit cases so that was fun he had to call his friend who had a mini van to carry all of our suit cases then they didn't take us to Starfish but the Xi'an hotel instead d so we did not arrive he until 11:30 pm China time Tuesday. We were very exhausted and went straight to bed. We woke at 6 this morning had breakfast met Elisa then went off to the foster home.Jack is great so helpful. oh i have to tell you we were at lotus a wal mart type place and were by the fish tanks i waled over to have a look and a fish jumped out of the water and tried to attack me cracked jack up he said that right there was worth the trip there. Today has been a long day and we are off to bed we will post more tomorrow. Ashton will post pictures later.


  1. Taylor - amazing pictures of those precious babies!!!!! Love on them from all who are praying for them over here!!!!

    So proud of you and love your heart

  2. The children are all so precious!!! Thank you so much for sharing this journey with us!!! Praying for you and the children everyday!!! Looking forward to your next post!!! :)